Protect Yourself from the Latest DDos Attack


NSA and Akamai have recently been observing DDoS attacks targeting mainly Financial Services and Retail sectors, and possibly other industry vertical customers in North America, EMEA, and APJ as part of an ongoing DDoS extortion campaign. The DDoS attacks are generally preempted by a ransom letter via email to the victim demanding payment in Bitcoin, […]

Top 13 Requirements for B2B/B2C eCommerce During Uncertain Times

Second Phase

Distributors with strong digital sales capabilities are growing rapidly and gaining market share during this pandemic. Serving your customers and meeting business objectives during this extended crisis requires a strong digital sales strategy. eCommerce capabilities are a ‘must have’ when social interactions have to be minimized and in the long-term eCommerce will be a required […]

Why Managed Service Makes Sense

Service Provider

Our society and business climate was founded upon the virtues of a pioneering, self-reliant, do-it-yourself-at-all-costs spirit. For most, the thought of reaching out to others for help was not a consideration.The problem today is technology has gotten so complex that companies have trouble keeping up while running their actual business.There isn’t time to make sure […]

Why Your Business Can’t Afford to be Without a Data Recovery Specialist

Nsa Professional Services

What if you showed up for work and discovered your computers and server –the technology you depend on every day to run your business – no longer worked? You hit the switch and nothing… your computers and server are all dead on arrival. How can you operate your business if your technology fails? Now you […]

NSA is Here to Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to rise, our intent is to inform and not alarm. As such, we wanted to share information about how we’re handling this situation and its influence on life and business operations at NSA. Like you, we are continuously following the CDC’s developments regarding the spread and impact of the virus. […]

System Health Check

It’s that time again. Yes, you know… It’s time a for a checkup. You’ve been avoiding it like the plague because you’re afraid you might find something that you don’t want to find. You’re so busy you don’t have time to think about it. You tell yourself you’ll get to it but… you never do! […]

How to Ensure a More Efficient and Profitable 2020

The new decade is already underway, have you strategized and planned how to make your distribution business successful this year? Our favorite event of the year, TUG CONNECTS, is coming up in March and is the perfect way to get your distribution business on the path to efficiency and profitability. The event features informative presentations, […]

How to Maximize Strategic Purchasing Decisions with Rebates

Today’s companies face intense competitive pressures to reduce costs and build collaborative relationships with their suppliers, many of which use rebates as key components of their pricing strategy and structure. As competition intensifies for distributors, the successful management and profitability of vendor rebates can be the difference between reaping financial rewards or missing out on […]