NSA is Now a Referral Partner of EpaCUBE

EpaCUBE NSA Partnership

NSA Computer Exchange Corp (NSA) is pleased to announce that it is now a referral partner of epaCUBE, an industry-leading pricing optimization software company that makes creating an effective pricing strategy easier than ever before.

Reasons we LOVE Life at NSA

Love Life

There’s a great deal to celebrate when you’re an employee of NSA, much of which centers around our culture of “the NSA Touch”

Sales Tax Laws You Need To Know

Blog post by Gail Cole of Avalara While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your tax compliance. Numerous state legislatures are wrapping up their current sessions, and that makes for some interesting tax policy developments. For example, a bill seeking to impose a tax […]

User Adoption: The Key to BI Projects That Don’t Fail


If you’re failing to gain traction with your business intelligence (BI) platform, you’re hardly alone. In fact, Gartner says: BI projects have a 60% failure rate. But, why? Gartner contributes the high failure rate to the inability to understand the real needs of the business, and the failure to communicate using a common language. As […]

When Reality Is Virtual, Paper Can’t Compete


Have you compared your “back to normal” plans to policies from all your trading partners? Their various strategies could require you to work around altered timelines, decreased operational capacities, and unpredictable work-from-home schedules. These shifts may even force you to find new vendors. During this adjustment period, being stuck pushing paper is a true disadvantage […]

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