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NSA has had an increasing concern, that many of our client’s network systems are not where they need to be. Server operating systems that are outdated cannot be fully protected by any means and cannot securely support the software or services that run on them.

NSA is now fully invested in providing network based services that are focused on providing solutions, that can help address these concerns.

We can help you identify your security risks and improve your ERP performance with a Technical Optimization Review (TOR).

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NSA offers these network technology solutions and more:

· Enhanced Firewall and Antivirus solutions

· Examine e-mail flow for security and deliverability

· Multifactor Protected VPN Solutions

· Multifactor Protected Server Operating Systems

· Operating systems – Setup, Migration and Upgrades

· Server Cloud Hosting solutions

· Assistance with Active Directory and Group Policies

· Authentication services

· Linux/Unix assistance

· Mail flow Migrations and Protection – Office 365

· Full Network Backup Solutions including Office 365’s Cloud Tenant Data

· Network Topology Planning

· WIFI Assistance

· Remote Access Solutions

· Managed Services – Proactive Assistance and or Notifications

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