Webinar Series #28: Make EDI Work the Right Way – With Unilink!

When: February 4, 2021 2:00 pm


Disruptive times challenge companies to balance clear thinking with the need for urgent action. Regrets about past missed opportunities aren’t helpful, hasty decisions can turn harmful, while any business-as-usual approach is unsustainable.

One objective must take priority: What can your company do right now to strengthen the vendor and customer relationship that’s certain to be successful?

Moving to a modern, integrated EDI platform to replace manual processes is a quick win that will pay long-term dividends—if you do it right. This means taking a good look at your deployment options to understand their true ownership costs, minimize risk, guarantee a high ROI, and choose the best fit to grow your bottom line.

Accelerate your learning on this essential topic with insights from UniLink, a world leader in EDI technology. Join the UniLink team for a webinar to benefit from their decades of experience in applying best practices to build unified, cloud-enabled EDI solutions that drive savings and boost customer satisfaction. Reserve your spot today and rise to the challenge!

Key takeAways: What You'll Learn

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