5 Reasons to Upgrade

5 Reasons to Upgrade

We get it, upgrades are disruptive and time consuming. Let’s face it, we really don’t like change, RIGHT? I fall into both categories: I find upgrades disruptive and I don’t like change. I’m due to change my cell phone but I keep putting it off, simply because my current phone is working fine and I don’t want to take the time to get all the settings and configuration to the way I like it.

The salesman at the store and my family kind of laugh at me. It’s so old that they tell me “It should be in a museum.” My answer is always, “But what goes around comes around and soon it will be back in style.” My flip phone is considered retro, right?

But the salesman at the store did give me 5 really good reasons to upgrade that made a whole lot of sense. I realized that the same 5 reasons apply to ERP software and why you should consider an upgrade.

  1. NEW FEATURES: There are so many new beneficial features, and functionality business users can leverage.
  2. TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT: Trying to add new applications or processes might be limited. The version you are currently using may be too old to support newer technology and/or integrations to other applications.
  3. SUPPORT MAY END OR COST MORE: There’s a limit to how far back any software vendor can support older versions. Most vendors cease support on older versions or apply a surcharge for continued support.
  4. SECURITY: In this day and age, with higher levels of ransomware and fraud, it is critical to ensure you have the latest and greatest. As software matures, new versions have enhanced security features and options and close holes in security, making your system more secure.
  5. CHANGE IS A GOOD THING: We all need change. It keeps us on our toes, keeps our thought processes from narrowing so we avoid “tunnel vision”. Learning new things keeps our minds sharp.

But upgrades are hard to figure out. What options are available and what are the caveats with each choice? Some Answers…

CloudSuite Distribution (CSD) is a subscription based multi-tenant Cloud solution built on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Modifications are not an option with a multi-tenant deployment; there are tools built into CloudSuite that allow you to build Extensions or add apps to your deployment.

There are many benefits of CSD but one of the biggest benefits of a cloud deployment: no hardware infrastructure, no database maintenance, backups or disaster recovery concerns, all of this is part of your subscription. Backed by AWS, you are on a highly secure infrastructure, with 1.9 million attempted and FAILED attacks quarterly.

CSD is also available for an On-Prem deployment, which allows you more flexibility in terms of modifications and integration options for 3rd party products.

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