6 Ways An Upgraded

6 Ways An Upgraded ERP Improves Distributor Performance

What sets your company apart from the competition? If you can’t quite answer that question, it is time to discover why. NSA understands it’s not one thing that keeps your customers coming back for more and your vendors happy. Your company’s performance is what keep your company profitable, efficient, and productive. If you lack in any of those areas, it is time for an upgrade. Here are 6 ways NSA can improve distributor performance with an upgraded ERP system.

1.   Every System is Covered

An upgraded ERP system considers all company-wide areas, from the initial product search to process and accounts payable. Many outdated ERP systems don’t offer such an all-encompassing approach; many are pieced together. When NSA upgrades the current ERP system, it considers every information system in each department, considering how each can operate independently and interdependently.

2.   Functional Email System

Upgraded ERP systems have an upgraded email or communications system that not only allows distributors to share information within the company, and it allows companies to share with their vendors, customers, and potential customers with effective marketing and information campaigns.

3.   Shared Calendar and Conferencing

Shared calendars and conferencing tools ensure everyone within the company is on the same page at all times and that essential teams can collaborate to improve productivity and efficiency. Users can see when their teams are available, when meetings should occur so everyone is involved, and it allows all users within the same department, as well as in supporting departments, to view launch and distribution campaigns. This helps every involved department stay on schedule for successful daily operations and larger campaigns.

4.   Allows Users to Visualize

An upgraded ERP system does more than focus on the current market and business environment. It allows distributors to visualize future business projects with vital business intelligence tools. Essential management personnel can make vital decisions about future growth, profit, market sustainability, and reporting. The ability to identify and remedy potential pitfalls empowers companies to make better, more cost-effective

business decisions.

5.   Better Data Collection

There is a big push right now for data – lots and lots of data. There is such thing as too much data. Well, at least, too much data that can be stored and doesn’t need to be present right away. An upgraded ERP system re-evaluates the company’s data collection, and prioritizes useable and storable data, both of which are important, but for two different needs. NSA assists distributors in wading through the data clutter to improve efficiency.

6.   Makes Better Problem Solvers

Upgrading the current ERP system allows distributors to identify and fill in gaps that may exist between them and the vendors, or worse, between them and the customer. Upgrading the existing ERP system ensures that everything is up to date and ready to address production and production issues. When the ERP system works more efficiently, so does distribution, which improves customer service, cash flow, security, and inventory management systems.


NSA can help you upgrade your current ERP system to improve more than the quantity of distribution, but the quality, too. Call now to find out where potential gaps in efficiency and communication hide in your distribution company.

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