Benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the generous budgets and IT blankets that the big corporations enjoy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience similar protection and support. Every company needs a backup system and disaster recovery plan, and companies like yours can benefit from affordable, and customizable, cloud-based services. Explore the many benefits of backup and disaster recovery services.


It Aligns with Your Budget

Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services complement your company’s budget. As stated before, even if your company doesn’t have a vast IT budget – it doesn’t need one. Cloud-based services are ideal because your company doesn’t need to pay for pricey infrastructure upgrades, it doesn’t have to hire a salaried support team, and backup and disaster recovery services can be tailored to fit your company’s needs and monetary allowances.

All Data is Encrypted and Stored Off Site

Data backup services are different than storing your company’s valuable and critical data onsite, on disks, and stored in a safe. Not only is going through that process outdated, it is unsecure. When backup services create a functional and comprehensive data backup service for your company, the provider ensures the data is encrypted before it is stored. This prevents unscrupulous thieves from accessing the data.

Industry-Compliant Protection

Speaking of thieves. If your company works with sensitive data that your industry, the government, or other institutions require you to keep safe and protect to prevent identity theft and security intrusions, data backup services provide your company with the necessary protection under the law. With monitored and security services, you don’t have to worry about frequent updates and regulation changes. The backup and disaster recovery service provider does so for you. You do, however, have to find the right company with a record of ironclad security, and experience in your industry.


You Control the Backup Schedule

As the business owner, you know what type of data needs to be collected, which meta data can be stored, and what your company absolutely needs to recover in the event of a disaster. You work with your service provider to create restore points, a restoration schedule, and details about the type of data to be restored for future recovery.


Completes a Disaster Recovery Plan

Every company needs a disaster recovery plan, regardless of the type of business it does. A disaster recovery plan is a crucial plan that allows your company to continue operations if it experiences a sudden loss or disaster. A disaster can be anything from a power outage to intrusions and hurricanes. If your computers crashed at this moment, how would your company recover, and whom would it call to recover your data so you can keep the doors open?


This list is just a taste of the many benefits of data backup and disaster recovery services offered by NSA. We want to be the company you call when your data and productivity are on the line. We work with you and your existing IT systems to create an affordable and thorough backup and disaster recovery plan. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of NSA’s services and expertise.

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