Alliance Partners — Consult, Advise, and Integrate

Infor Alliance Partners are recognized as leaders by Infor within their given fields and in using the various solutions provided to our customers. As an alliance partner, a company must maintain business practices and solutions that are designed to improve operational efficiency for the clients they serve. Together, NSA, Infor, and other partners work to develop tactics and strategies that ensure all products and services deliver the best value. This alliance is meant to create synergy for all involved because when one of us succeeds, we all can.

NSA Infor Alliance Partner

As an Alliance Partner, NSA can consult, advise and integrate with Infor as well as other Partners. Together we will strategize to ensure that Infor products and services are providing as much value to customers as possible. Being accepted as an Alliance Partner means that Infor recognized NSA as a leader in the industry; they trust our team, our experience and capabilities and that is a huge honor for us!

NSA Computer Exchange Corp. has focused on the special requirement of wholesale distributors, providing business technology solutions and implementing best practices since 1984. Our knowledge of the wholesale distribution business is unparalleled. We have the experience and the technical capability to handle every aspect of your project. We provide high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions for every area of your operations. Installing a new business solution can be a challenging task. This transition period from the old to the new represents an ideal opportunity to review and update your business processes, policies and procedures, increasing productivity and profitability within your organization.

To help you manage your implementation, NSA provides a wide range of services including experienced business consulting, project management and on-site assistance. The implementation of a new business solution typically involves multiple levels within a company. To keep the effort focused, activities should be coordinated by a single person, the NSA Business Consultant/Project Manager (BC). A critical member of your implementation team, NSA’s Business Consultant brings years of actual distribution and software implementation experience combined with a continuing education focused on the latest products and best practices. NSA’s BC oversees the entire project, providing leadership and direction to assure a smooth transition.

Infor Products NSA Serves:

  • CloudSuite
  • CRM
  • Distribution SX.e
  • EPAK
  • F9
  • ION
  • ION BI
  • ION Business Analytics
  • ION Business Vault
  • ION Connect
  • ION Connect 3rd party
  • ION Enterprise Search
  • ION Process
  • ION Pulse
  • ION Workflow
  • MaxRecall
  • Storefront

We look forward to working alongside Infor and other partners and continuing to do what we do best –providing solutions to businesses in need.

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