Pathway to Success Series #2: Data Conversion

On July 25 at 2 pm Eastern, we will be hosting Pathway to Success Series #2: Data Conversion–Register Today!

Brian Weaver and Colin Rhyno will address the big topic of when and how to tackle data conversion in your SX.e software. There are a lot of important things to consider when dealing with complex data, it’s a lot for anyone to take on. We hope that this session will help you plan your upcoming data conversion project or perhaps even show you that your company needs one.

Here are questions and topics we’ll cover:

  • When is data conversion needed?
  • We’ll provide example scenarios.
  • What is needed in order to prepare?
  • What are the steps in the data conversion process?
  • Considerations before you begin
  • The importance of project management during a conversion
  • Key Take-Aways
  • Question & Answer

We’ll cover some example scenarios that outline when data conversion is needed so you can compare and contrast with your own situation. Finding parallels may point to the fact that a data conversion should be on the horizon for your company.

You don’t just jump into converting data from one system to another, first, you must prepare the data within your current SX.e software. This avoids problems with the data later on. Here are some initial questions to ask yourself before scheduling a data conversion: How is the system implemented? Have you upgraded or is an upgrade needed? What kind of sandbox testing is currently underway with potential discrepancies or duplicates of data? What files will you need to convert? We’ll go over these questions and help you answer them for your own company.

The steps of the data conversion process are not complicated, but require immense attention to detail (after all, you are dealing with a huge number of points of data during this process). There are also some considerations for before you make that step that can make it a successful conversion or a failure. One major thing you should consider is investing in a review of Master Files. After the review, the next obvious step would be a data cleanse. After all, if you are going to the trouble to convert data from one system to another, it should all be accurate and organized, right?!

I’m sure your head is spinning from all this –and we definitely understand! We’ve helped in countless conversions for companies with complicated systems and we can help with yours too. We hope you will join us for the session to learn more about this important aspect of your SX.enterprise product. Even more, we hope that you will remember that the NSA team is always standing by, ready to help in whatever way we can to make your life easier and your company more successful than ever!

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