Keys to Service Desk Success

Keys to Service Desk Success

Your service desk is put in place to deliver maximized business continuity. It should deliver peace of mind to your team while also improving the quality of your business’s work environment. What most people don’t realize is there is more to a successful service desk than a person on a phone.Here are some important features to a successful service desk:

Multiple Means of Issue Detection

A successful service desk offers multiple means of issue detection and reporting. Aside from a phone call, your service desk should be accessible via chat as well as a self-service portal.

Eliminate Business Risk

Proactive hardware and software maintenance is a must for a successful service desk. Being able to patch and update will help eliminate high emergency repair costs. There should be a data backup and protection plan in place in the event of disaster as well.

Tailor Your IT Service Desk

Your service desk should cover all bases to support and maintain your entire organization. In order to do so,we recommend phone and chat support available either 8/5 or 24/7. A successful service desk will offer a trouble-ticketing system with an automated escalation process implemented as well.


Our years of experience have found the following response guidelines are important to keeping your clients happy:

  • Speed to Greet around 60-90 seconds
  • “Live Chat” average5-7 seconds or almost No Wait
  • Ticket Resolution 60 -120 minutes
  • 2 Call Backs to Customer
  • Monthly Service Reporting

If you’re looking to upgrade your service desk, we’re here to help create the perfect fit for your unique business. Contact our team to get started!


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