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Business Continuity with Online Data Recovery

Running a small business presents challenges that range anywhere from keeping customers happy to hitting specific revenue and expense goals to maintain a healthy operation. One thing that often gets less attention than it should is what would you do if you come into the office one morning and your computers, servers, and other technology bits you rely on for business operations aren’t working.

When it comes to massive data loss or equipment failure, people often assume things like that happen to other business owners, and not you, and are also a result of natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, floods, and so on. That’s actually not the case. According to a recent study from CompTIA, human error accounts for roughly 52 percent of security breaches and data loss.

Top examples of human error include:

  • End-user failure to follow policies and procedures (42%)
  • General carelessness (42%)
  • Failure to get up-to-speed on new threats (31%)
  • Lack of expertise with websites/applications (29%)
  • IT staff failure to follow policies and procedures (26%)

Faced with this challenge, one of the ways you could substantially lessen your risk of catastrophic data loss and avoid losing out on production, revenue, and harming your company reputation is by implementing an online data recovery strategy. There are countless online data recovery services available, but it can be difficult to find a service that treats you like a true business partner and will be straightforward with you regarding what your best plan of action should be.

It’s not always imperative that you back-up all your data, though it’s certainly recommended. At the very least, you want to partner with a service provider who offers the option of a full-scale online backup and online data recovery option, but can also develop a plan for your company to back-up the true necessities. You’ll want your online data recovery service to effectively and securely back-up all files and folders related to day-to-day activities, applications that run your files, and configurations and settings information.

NSA has been a trusted partner for businesses for more than 30 years. Contact NSA today for an online data recovery strategy and implementation that will provide the peace of mind that your organization is protected, no matter what happens.

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