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Cloud Computing Consultants Help You Get the Most Out of Your Information Technology Investments

You might live under a rock if you haven’t yet heard the phrase “cloud computing”.  It’s the new lingo of the IT industry, but like many technology concepts, it’s confusing at first. You could even feel like your head itself is a little in the clouds when you try to make sense of how cloud computing can help your business! NSA has cloud computing consultants available to help you understand what cloud computing is, and which aspects of it can help you get the most out of your IT investments.

What is Cloud Computing?

The simplest way to describe cloud computing is to say it is the act of storing and retrieving information and programs over the internet, instead of your own hard drive or server.  It allows businesses to pool resources together, including hardware and software, to use on-demand – and without having to store it at your own location.

Examples of cloud computing include fully hosted VMware server infrastructure to Office365. You’ll also find cloud computing can replace traditional IT infrastructure for web hosting, and datacenter hosting can replace your server room. Disaster recovery and business continuity with a cloud computing platform offers extreme cost savings and instant data recovery should you face data loss or disaster.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Technologies

Working in the cloud offers a number of benefits including the ability to maximize your return on your technology investments while being flexible to the changing needs of your business. Cloud computing consultants from NSA Computer Exchange can show you which aspects of your business will be more efficient in the cloud. Benefits include:

Cost Effective – when you operate in the cloud, you only pay for what you use. You don’t need the costly upfront expense of infrastructure every time you need to grow your business or add something new to your network.

Flexibility – when your technology needs are constantly changing, you may find yourself needing to implement new hardware or software solutions, or redeploying entire IT infrastructure and systems. This is expensive, time consuming, and inefficient! With cloud computing, you will naturally be more flexible and adaptable to changes.

Cloud Computing Consultant Services

When you want to better understand how cloud computing can improve the efficiency of your business and offer a better return on your technology investment, you should work with cloud computing consultants at NSA. Consulting services include:

  • Analysis of your existing technology and determination of where cloud computing can save you money and improve efficiencies
  • Design, implementation and integration of cloud-based solutions for proactively managing your IT, hosting business applications in the cloud, and improving data backup and business continuity

Let’s have a conversation and see how you can leverage the cloud to reach your business goals while getting the most out of your technology investments. Contact us for more information, or give us a call 516.240.6020.

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