Considering Implementing F9 for your financial reporting? NSA can help!

If you are an SX.e or CSD user, you have likely experienced frustration with the limitations of the financial statement writer standard to the system. Columns and fields are limited, changes are time consuming and the end result– well let’s just say they’re not cosmetically ready for management.I

If you know Excel, you’ll love F9. F9 Report Writer dynamically links your general ledger data to Microsoft Excel, and rapidly presents a real-time view of business information with just the push of a button. F9 is also integrated to more than 150 software packages, allowing users to report against one or multiple systems, handy for companies that operate on more than one platform. Easy to learn, inexpensive to implement, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make the move to F9.

Version 6 was recently released -take a tour of the new features here:

Our professional services team will install, configure and train your team. Want the benefits of F9 but too busy to construct financial statements? We can do that too, and circle back around to the ‘how to’ when you are ready.

Contact our team today to learn more.



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