Data Conversion Programs – Post Implementation

Most SX.e/CSD users will utilize the standard data conversion toolkit for initially loading data into the SX.e database in preparation for going live with the software. What many fail to recognize is that there are conversion programs which can be used on an ongoing basis to add and maintain data.

The programs allow you to prepare your data using common tools like Excel or Access to manage the files before loading into SX.e. These tools offer powerful data manipulation services that are not available within SX.e. Features like:

  • Identifying and removing duplicate records
  • Manipulating columnar data
  • Splitting one field into multiple
  • Stripping out undesirable characters
  • Combining data elements
  • Translating values to be consistent with the target format (dates, capitalization, etc.)

The Data Conversion Programs Are Often Used When Adding Records to Various SX.E Tables.

A few examples are:

  • Kit Bill of Materials (KPSK)
  • Fabricated Products (VASP, VASPS)
  • Customer Pricing Records (PDSC)
  • Vendor Pricing (PDSV)
  • Vendor Contract Pricing (PDSVC)
  • Rebate Records (PDSR)
  • Table Values (buyers, categories, ECCN codes, country codes and many more)
  • Product Notes (NOTES)
  • Contacts and Methods (CONTACTS, CONTACTS-ROLES)
  • Budgets (GLSB)
  • Product Cross References (ICSEC)
  • Product Specific Units (ICSEU)
  • Freight Bill Account Numbers (SASTF)

Many times, we see users setup custom tables (SASTZ) where they want to maintain extra data that may be needed for reporting purposes. They then proceed to manually enter the data into SX.e to populate the table when they could be importing it from a .csv file using a standard tool. After 30 years of working with SX.e, I try to do as much data maintenance as I can in tools that are designed to manipulate data and then import it into the database.

If you think you may have a need to programmatically load data and are not sure if there is a standard tool that already exists to help, feel free to call NSA. We can review what is available and the best way to use the existing tools. If you need custom loads or data manipulation, we can help with that as needed. Please contact our team to get started.


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