Empower Your Business With FieldOffice: A Warehouse Mobility Software Solution

If you could give your mobile sales force easy access to your SXe business system from anywhere, would it increase your number of successful calls? If they were able to create quotes or check inventory while being at a customer’s location, could they close more sales?

FieldOffice was developed as an iPad app for your outside sales force. FieldOffice is compatible with your Infor distribution software. NSA will install and help you implement the FieldOffice technology solution to improve processes and increase revenue in your organization.

Why Choose FieldOffice?

  • Working Remotely. FieldOffice allows your sales team to not only create quotes and check inventory, but also check client credit, and draft orders at the client’s office. Salespeople can connect to FieldOffice via 4G or WiFi connections. When connected, they are able to access everything available in the home office.
  • Accurate Pricing and Sales Tax Calculation. Pricing and taxing in FieldOffice is done by accessing SXe. There will be no more inaccuracy on incoming orders and eliminates the need to recalculate when the order arrives to SXe.
  • Check Inventory. With FieldOffice, your team will be able to quickly inform your customers about product availability at all of your locations, and even check for incoming shipments. Your sales professional can also find substitutions for out of stock or discontinued items.
  • Customer Information. Check your customer’s purchase history. Get real-time credit for customer’s buying limits when your salespeople need it the most. Customers can also be kept informed about existing orders.
  • Offline Capabilities. Your sales team cannot always be assured of a reliable WiFi or 4G connection, but FieldOffice keeps a stored database of your company information. Customers, shipping, and inventory are all stored. Your sales professional can enter an order in offline mode, and as soon as connectivity is restored, FieldOffice will process and submit your order.
  • Security. Mobile data is inherently less secure. FieldOffice is password protected, but also requires authenticated users. Verifying the authenticity is necessary—for example, to determine whether it is safe to transmit credit card information.

By putting mobile technology into the hands of your sales force, they can reduce the amount of time spent communicating with the home office. Mobility allows your sales professionals to be more informed and more productive to drive more sales. FieldOffice permits your sales force to focus on sales and this enables them to service your customers better. FieldOffice on iPad supports the needs of the distribution center or warehouse sales team. NSA installs, implements, and supports your warehouse mobility software solution.

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