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Using Your ERP Solution to Better Manage Your Data

When running a business on your own you usually have all the information right in front of you, you can collate and manage data in your head or with the help of a scrap of paper or a single Excel sheet. As you grow, however, and more and more people come aboard who each have a specialization and are handling different aspects of your organization – you may find that some vital information gets displaced or lost, that not everyone is up to the same speed. This can cause misinterpretations of certain data sets and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the data or use it effectively.

Modern ERP Solution Provides a Central Repository for Data

The best way to handle this is to make sure that there is a central repository where all data is collected and collated; a well everyone can dip in to and receive the same information. This is where ERP comes in: an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a way for you to manage the data from the different systems of several departments within your company and be able to organize them in a single place. A Cloud ERP solution enables your team members to access the same information via any mobile device, which further improves productivity and even helps your sales team close more sales.

Understand How your Company is Doing for Improved Decision-Making

Though your data is used mainly as a financial tool, so accounting can get a clear picture of how much money is spent and each separate department can get a clear picture of how they’re doing with their budget, it is also a great way to ensure customer service standards are met. For example, having data that is better managed and accessible allows for customer feedback to be handled appropriately, whether information is brought to the manufacturing department or that the sales team knows straightaway when a batch is going to market late.


A well implemented and well managed ERP system can create a quick, clear picture of how the company is doing: in a single graph you can see how departments are functioning and hopefully see straightaway where any problems lie. ERP is a tool that fosters quick decision-making by executives because they won’t have to collect and organize data themselves any more; the system does it for them. As a management tool, it is indispensable for a mid-sized company or bigger. The better your ERP solution, the better your ability to organize and manage your business.

Improve Customer Service

Another benefit of a modern Cloud ERP solution for better managing your data is that customers will be more pleased: by putting all their information, from product preferences to billing, in a single platform you’ll be able to serve them quicker and more efficiently. A client who is given exactly what he needs within just a few minutes is a client who is going to return to you next time he needs something: return customers are an excellent source of income and an ERP system is the premier way to cultivate these.


Implementing an improved ERP solution is a way of embracing the future, a future in which your company is going to be more profitable. NSA can update your ERP solution to help you better manage data and improve profitability – contact us today to learn more.

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