Enhance the Buying Experience by Offering Highly Configurable Products – Infor Applied Innovation

We’re excited to share with you an article from our ERP Solutions Partner, Infor, titled “Enhance the Buying Experience by Offering Highly Configurable Products.”

In this article, Infor shares “Today’s buyers crave and expect a compelling buying experience. It’s just as true for a business-to-business (B2B) buyer in the market for complex machinery as it is for a consumer browsing new shoes. B2B buyers now want the same types of options, the same convenience, and the same personalized products they get as consumers.”

This often poses a challenge for manufacturers and distributors because providing options and memorable buying experiences is fairly new to them.

BUT manufacturers and distributors now have a way to add significant value to the buying experience, and that is by “Offering highly configurable products. Infor CPQ is a powerful configure-price-quote solution that enables you to give customers the opportunity to choose from options to personalize a product, quickly obtain a quote, and see a rendering of what the finished product will look like or even place it within their own space virtually.”

Click here to read Infor’s entire article “Enhance the Buying Experience by Offering Highly Configurable Products.”

The topic directly correlates to our webinar featuring speakers from Infor and RenaissanceTech titled “How to Quote Faster and Drive Interest with an Integrated Configurator.” 

Discover how businesses use a configurator such as the Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) to select product options, quickly price and produce quotes, and differentiate their brand. Click the link above to discover more about what you’ll learn and to register!

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