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NSA is Now a Referral Partner of EpaCUBE

NSA Computer Exchange Corp (NSA) is pleased to announce that it is now a referral partner of epaCUBE, an industry-leading pricing optimization software company that makes creating an effective pricing strategy easier than ever before.

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Looking to the Future: Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

For the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has had the tech world buzzing. AI is a complex technology with endless potential. Rather than wonder about the possibilities, the questions are more focused on “when can we make it happen.”

Most AI technologies we’re using today are fairly limited. AI systems can generally only respond to the questions we know to ask and are constrained by the data we feed into them.With Cognitive AI, systems can act based on pure learning so they can proactively deliver information, detect and prevent potential problems, identify data patterns, and more.The AI capabilities we’re getting to know today will undoubtedly expand over time.

Greatest Opportunities for Cognitive AI

Big Data: By combining processing capacity with cognitive learning capabilities, AI will be able to identify patterns in data that would be difficult or nearly impossible for humans to see alone. Eventually when humans can access that data via voice control or with AIs,value grows exponentially. Down the road, AI systems will even be able to make decisions on their own based on the analysis of big data.

Asset Management: Cognitive AI would potentially eliminate humans from the previously time-consuming and highly manual process of asset management. Companies can prevent issues and increase their ROI. Imagine a world with equipment that is virtually “self-maintaining”!

Productivity: To put it simply – cognitive AI offers productivity that a human cannot. With machines automating routine tasks, humans can focus on other work, creating a more efficient and productive company.

How to Prepare for AI

Embrace the Cloud: In order to deploy AI technologies, your company will need cloud-based offerings to take advantage of the latest innovations.

Have an Open Mind: While artificial intelligence is still fairly “unknown” in some ways,keeping an open mind to new technologies will set your company up to be more productive, efficient, and profitable.

Choose the right AI Partner: When choosing a partner, keep in mind their commitment to innovation, willingness to collaborate,and overall vision.

If you want to take the steps to prepare your company for AI, contact our team of experts at NSA. We’ll lead you on the pathway to the future of automation technology!

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