Mergers & Acquisitions Ramp Up in Q2 2022

An April 2022 a report from Modern Distribution Management (MDM) showed that mergers and acquisitions ramped up in Q2 2022. The number of mergers and acquisitions in distribution/manufacturing climbed in April after plateauing during the first three months of the year.

MDM states: “M&A activity in the distribution and manufacturing sectors ticked upward in April. The increase in agreements comes on the heels of a relatively slow period for M&A, which followed a rapid rise in activity during the fourth quarter of 2021. Some distributors who reported record sales and profits to start 2022 cited acquisitions from last year as drivers for sustained growth. In time, we’ll see which moves from 1Q and 2Q of this year end up driving profits for companies down the road.”

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Taking an acquisition beyond its current potential is no easy feat without the right resources in place. NSA has experts with an enormous amount of experience in protecting companies like yours from the gotcha’s when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Having led the process on countless occasions, we’ve seen most everything and have the foresight needed to help such acquisitions grow and thrive through the implementation of intelligent, time-tested systems and processes.

“If your distribution company is considering a merger or acquisition, the best advice I can give is to seek the help of professionals to ensure a smooth transition. When you merge two companies, there are many technical details to account for – so much so, that you may not have factored in how they will affect your company and employees. Who will report to who? Who is privy to what information? Who from BOTH companies’ IT department is in charge and will be the point of contact for a company like NSA whose sole role is making the ENTIRE process seamless and non-disruptive? All these questions and more are why you should consult with our team!” – Patrick VanPutte, President & COO

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