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Mobile ERP Solutions Help Your Distribution Center Sales Team Close More Sales

Technology can give your distribution center’s sales team access to the information they need to close more sales. Mobility allows your sales team to be better informed, serve customers better, and reduce time spent communicating with the home office – all of which result in spending more time with the customer and closing more sales.

Mobile ERP apps and warehouse mobility software are designed to integrate with your distribution software (ERP) to give the sales team access to the same tools the customer service team has in the home office.

If your sales team is acting more like order takers, you need a tool to automate the activities that prevent them from focusing completely on the sales process. Mobility technology for distribution centers is exactly that tool.

Key Features of Mobility Technology Applications

Using a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, your sales team could enjoy the ability to create order entries or inquiries, find out pricing and product availability, and get more information about products from a document library of information. Having this information at their fingertips means the sales team does not have to rely on emailing, faxing, or calling the home office with questions and slowing down the sales process.

Mobility technology applications for distribution centers also give sales teams the ability to check customer credit, and maintain or view contact information for customers as needed.

Key Benefits of Warehouse Mobility Software and Mobile ERP Solutions

Productivity of the sales team in the field increases when they have the tools and access they need to information. Specific benefits experienced by sales teams using warehouse mobility software include:

  • Spending less time faxing, phoning, and emailing the home office
  • Spending more time with the customer, actually focused on selling
  • Creating more accurate orders
  • Retrieving timely pricing and availability of products
  • Providing important product information to the customer
  • Creating a better experience for the customer

When you are ready to take your sales team to the next level with warehouse mobility software, contact NSA. We help distribution centers create a mobile work environment to generate more revenue and close more sales.

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