NSA PLUS+ A Range of Solutions for Distributors – Discover More at TUG Connects 2023 | Synergy

NSA PLUS+ offers distributors a range of solutions to improve ROI, decrease costs, and enhance security. By partnering with various leading innovators in the industry, we assist with the implementation of the very best technological solutions to boost your overall efficiency.

What is NSA PLUS+ and Why is It Important? NSA+ is our selected suite of all complementary solutions to enhance the efficiency of your ERP and other systems critical to optimizing your distribution environment. Many categories have more than one offer, as we believe in client

choice as well as finding the best solution to any client-specific need.

Attending TUG Connects 2023 | Synergy Next Month? Our booth representatives will have more information to hand out about our NSA PLUS+ solutions. Connect with us at the event and discover the possibilities for your business.

Do Your Research Before the Conference: Our website details the list of services we provide distributors beyond the implementation and management of Infor’s CloudSuite Distribution ERP solution. For example, NSA offers the following comprehensive list of Network & Security technology solutions:

  • Enhanced Firewall and Antivirus solutions
  • Multifactor Protected VPN Solutions
  • Operating systems – Setup, Migration, and Upgrades
  • Assistance with Active Directory and Group Policies
  • Authentication services
  • Mail flow Migrations and Protection – Office 365
  • Penetration Testing & User Education
  • Full Network Backup Solutions including Office 365’s Cloud Tenant Data
  • Network Topology Planning
  • WIFI Assistance
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Managed Services – Proactive Assistance and or Notifications

In addition, NSA can assist you in the following areas:

  • e-Commerce
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Barcode/Data Collection
  • Document Management
  • Tax Solution
  • EDI
  • Payment Manager
  • Hosting
  • Hardware Partners
  • NSA Connectors
  • NSA Partners

Through the use of connectors and years of experience with various partner software, our NSA team will deliver NSA-designed software to meet your distribution business’ unique needs. No matter the category of services you require, NSA bridges the gap to ensure your information is protected while optimizing your workflows.

Boost Your ROI and overall efficiency with NSA PLUS+ this year. If you’re attending the TUG Connects | Synergy conference swing by our booth to discuss this topic further and don’t forget to grab some swag perfect for the desert climate, discover ways to earn prizes, and more. We’ll see you in Palm Springs!

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