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Reduce Risks with 24/7 Monitoring

Have you taken a good look at your budget this year? If your company is like many companies in the US, your budget is smaller than it was last year, but that doesn’t mean the needs and demands have changed. IT departments are expected to do more work with dwindling budgets. Companies need more affordable, reliable and efficient 24/7 monitoring solutions that don’t disrupt daily operations or cause significant downtime. They need an affordable way to combat risk.

Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to risk. They don’t have dedicated IT teams and office personnel to handle large-scale IT issues and daily tasks. To reduce risk, while balancing limited budgets and fewer resources, companies are turning to remote services and monitoring to do the heavy lifting.

Risks Companies Face

To understand the need, it’s important to understand the list of risks that loom over business every moment of the day…and after hours, too.

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Employee error and carelessness
  • Outside hacks
  • Employees on personal devices outside of the office
  • BYOD policies in the office
  • Malware
  • Ineffective security measures
  • Devices that aren’t patched or cannot be patched
  • Changing technology
  • Computer system malfunctions

The list goes on and is always changing. Threats to infrastructure and data change all the time, and in a time when budgets fail accommodate. The best and most affordable defense is 24/7 monitoring.

4 Benefits of 24/7 Monitoring

The benefits of adding 24/7 monitoring include:

  1. Proactive security monitoring

The biggest benefit of 24/7 remote monitoring is proactivity. When businesses take a proactive approach to system monitoring, security and malfunction, the potential for risk lessens.

A 24/7 monitoring company considers your need, completes an overview of your current system, and provides a solution for proactive system management to identify and address each potential risk. Proactive monitoring brings a fresh perspective to the company’s IT system, and provides valuable insight and expertise that many companies feel that cannot afford.

  1. Swift reaction to problems

Remote 24/7 monitoring allows the business to focus on the business. Instead of tasking one or two people within the business to monitor the IT system, they can get back to their jobs while a team of professionals are on the lookout. This allows both sides to get to work. When a problem does arise, the remote monitoring company acts quickly to stop the issue in its tracks.

Swift reaction to threats and malfunctions reduces downtime and business disruptions. Companies cannot afford not to work during the day, and they certainly cannot afford to clean up lingering IT issues. Threats never fester when 24/7 monitoring is in place.

  1. Assess risk and potential for loss

When choosing a 24/7 monitoring solution, don’t pick the first one you call. There is a process that must be followed to receive the maximum benefits of 24/7 system monitoring. A remote monitoring provider must evaluate your system and assess your potential for risk and loss. Any company that does not take that step is not a company businesses need on their side.

It is important to asses for risk and potential loss so the company knows what to expect and how to handle it. The reports and analytical data assist companies in establishing effective security policies and effective use-standards. Assessments provide companies with critical insight into their overall operations.

  1. Monitoring when the doors close

Finally, the company can shut its doors every night and not have to worry about threats waiting for them in the morning. Remote 24/7 monitoring is always working, even when your company is not. This prevents problems, identifies security threats, reacts to interruptions, and takes control of the situation.

Companies cannot afford not to be vigilant and proactive when dealing with their IT systems. IT systems are the veins that keep your business alive, safe, and connected. Doesn’t it deserve lifesaving attention that won’t drain the company’s resource? Find out today how 24/7 monitoring with NSA can save your company’s life, contact us for more info.

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