Three Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Enterprise Software Applications

20140624 - Three Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Enterprise Software ApplicationsERP software solutions are taking the world by storm. From 2012 to 2013, according to Forbes, the global ERP market grew to surpass $25.4 billion. The reasons behind the rise of enterprise software systems are no great mystery. More businesses are choosing enterprise software solutions for the benefits realized from its implementation. From inventory control systems to wholesale distribution software, enterprise software applications have earned a reputation for saving companies money, making it easier for management to make smart business decisions to drive the company forward, and increasing employee productivity overall, as Business Computing World writes.

Just like any other tool you use to maintain and improve your business, choosing enterprise software applications requires significant forethought. Otherwise, you could wind up spending your hard-earned dollars on software that can’t fulfill your needs. If you’re choosing new enterprise software applications to bring your business forward, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid.

Three of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make when Choosing Enterprise Software Applications

  1. Choosing ERP Solutions without Community Support – As Information Week suggests, choosing an ERP provider shouldn’t be just about the provider. You also need to consider the community that has grown around the product. The reason is simple enough: software with third-party community support will constantly have new functionality added to it, improving the product long after its producer has abandoned support.
  2. Going for an Option That Doesn’t Fit – Different ERP software is engineered with different types of companies, from their size to their industries, in mind. Just because you like the functionality of something, that doesn’t mean you can force it to fit over your existing business structure. Choosing an option that can’t adapt to fit your needs is the surest way to interrupt your normal business operations and cost your company money.
  3. Opting for a Vendor Who Couldn’t Care Less About Your Company – Transitioning to new software that can completely change the way your company works can be a trying, time-intensive process. For Enterprise Networking Planet, the best thing you can do to streamline this process is to make sure you buy from a vendor that is known for helping its clients through implementation. Whether you need help adapting your new software to your current IT structure or a helping hand with training your staff, the best vendors will lend you their support to make things easier.

Without a doubt, ERP software applications can have a beneficial, transformative effect on your business, but that’s only if you know what to look for. Consider the community at large around each piece of software, avoid the options that just won’t fit your company, and choose a vendor who wants to help you succeed. Doing so, you can find a solution that fits your needs and improves your business.

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