Top 200,000 reasons

Top 200,000 reasons to let NSA take a look under the hood

Chances are that the things you’ve done to make your distribution company a success to this point have included a lot of hard work and persistence, which is never a bad thing. But what if you could now take your $20M business and increase that by 1% by simply taking a step back and letting the experts take a look under the hood? And before you grunt and pound your chest that you’re the king of the castle, let me be clear. We are NOT suggesting that we are in any way more expert about YOUR business than you. We ARE, however, suggesting that when it comes to Infor SX.enterprise implementation – we are experts and have helped many companies just like yours increase their ROI on net sales by 1% and beyond without adding additional resources. So, for instance, if NSA could help your $20M business increase ROI on net sales, simple math tells us that there’s about 200,000 reasons (e.g. $200,000) to at least start a dialogue with us.



Example Scenario


Let’s look at a quick parallel on the mom and pop level that may shed a little light on what you are facing. Cake decorator “M&P Co.” has been in the business for 40 years now. No one makes more beautiful cakes anywhere in the world but they still seem to be on a plateau that’s lasted for several years. They know they can do better but they know throwing money and more employees at the problem will not net them anything to their bottom line. After much consternation, they finally break down and talk to someone who knows not only the purchasing side of business but also the delivery/ service side and everything in between.


Their consultants are nowhere near expert in cake making but because they are experts in looking at business PROCESSES, they can find holes in productivity and profit:

  • ingredients being purchased in too small of quantities
  • or too large of quantities
  • analysis of delivery routes may show wasted time and gas
  • or opportunities to batch deliveries


Now with many of those areas resolved or tweaked, they are now cranking out cakes, and profits, at a rate they did not know was even possible without taking on more employees or sacrificing quality. Insert “have your cake and eat it too” joke here. But in all seriousness, the point is that most people, while they may be experts in their own field, there are other businesses that solely focus on helping other businesses become more efficient and effective, which leads to being more profitable…and yes, NSA is one of those companies.



How We Change Your Bottom Line


NSA’s main objective in most cases is to help our clients add a minimum of 1% ROI of net sales. So for our $20M clients, that means an extra $200k or for our $40M clients, that’s $400k, which is no small feat – but we’re damn good at what we do, which is why we’ve become the industry leader for ERP implementation and upgrades with Infor SX.enterprise products.


NSA has been helping to implement warehouse tools that will help balance profitability and customer service while at the same time allowing businesses to manage by exception and become more productive by fully integrating and increasing information flow. Not to mention implementing warehouse transfer and warehouse management tools that allow significant clarity and visibility.


In fact, for over 30 years it has been our experience that when our clients implement SX.enterprise products, they realize a substantial increase to their bottom line in the following areas:


  • Reduce purchasing costs
  • Decrease inventory requirements
  • Automate mission critical functions in supply chain (pricing updates)
  • Properly measure inventory ROI
  • Increase in sales fill rate
  • Management by exception
  • Increase in sales profitability per order
  • Better utilization of warehouse space
  • Proper surplus and dead stock programs
  • Proper handling of back orders
  • Stronger financial control


Hundreds of businesses have already experienced the “NSA Touch” and increased their bottom line directly because of the solutions that were implemented. If you’re ready to take your distribution company to the next level, NSA is always ready to discuss how you too can experience your own ROI boost. We are NOT experts in your business, but we DO know distribution processes and efficiency like no other.


Call us today to start your journey to increased efficiency and profit. (516) 240-6020

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