Infor and the Cloud

Why Infor CloudSuite Distribution?

What Sets Infor CloudSuite Distribution Apart?

The primary reason distributors opt for Infor CloudSuite Distribution is that the software is built for distributors with growth and scalability in mind. From sales through operations, service, and delivery…Infor CloudSuite Distribution attends to all aspects of the distribution spectrum with a single platform.

The Cloud Advantage

A platform for your digital transformation journey – that’s what Infor is doing for successful distributors – additional success in the forms of increased efficiency, higher profit margins, and more.

Cloud Benefits include:

  • Support Expansion
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Realized Speedier Time to Value
  • Ensured Security and Reliability

Infor CloudSuite Distribution offers several advantages allowing wholesale distributors a competitive edge over other distributors in their niche. Reference the chart below for how Infor CloudSuite Distribution can contribute to your distribution business’ growth and scalability.

The NSA & Infor Partnership

Together, NSA and Infor equip you with a modern cloud-based solution that will position your distribution business with continued success for years to come – the ideal tool, tailored to your company’s specific needs!

Visit the “CloudSuite Distribution” section of our website or call us at 516-240-6020 to discuss this topic further and your CloudSuite Distribution goals.

We look forward to working with you this year.

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