5 Reasons to Upgrade

5 Reasons to Upgrade

We get it, upgrades are disruptive and time consuming. Let’s face it, we really don’t like change, RIGHT? I fall into both categories: I find upgrades disruptive and I don’t like change. I’m due to change my cell phone but I keep putting it off, simply because my current phone is working fine and I […]

Considering Implementing F9 for your financial reporting? NSA can help!

If you are an SX.e or CSD user, you have likely experienced frustration with the limitations of the financial statement writer standard to the system. Columns and fields are limited, changes are time consuming and the end result– well let’s just say they’re not cosmetically ready for management.I If you know Excel, you’ll love F9. […]

Some of Your Common Cloud Hosting Questions Answered

Brian P. Weaver, VP of Sales here at NSA, often gets asked a lot questions regarding cloud hosting. In an effort to provide our clients with as much helpful information as possible, Brian is sharing the most common cloud hosting questions along with his answers. WHAT IS CLOUD HOSTING? Traditional IT infrastructures leverage physical servers […]

Meet Infor’s New Digital Assistant

This year at Infor’s annual user conference, Inforum, Infor officially released the Infor Coleman Digital Assistant. After undergoing in-depth beta testing, this product is now available to all Infor customers. What Is It? The Coleman Digital Assistant is a task automation product that helps users automate mundane and complex tasks. From creating a purchase order […]

Pathway to Success Professional Services Series #5 with Green Cloud

Don’t miss our Pathway to Success Professional Services Series #5 with Green Cloud – Is the cloud right for my business? Wednesday December 5th 11:00 – 11:45 AM PST | 2:00 – 2:45 PM EST REGISTER HERE Join Green Cloud and NSA for this 45-minute webinar and learn how the cloud can improve ROI resource […]

NSA Knows CloudSuite Distribution Inside and Out!

Recently a client asked if NSA was involved with CloudSuite Distribution implementations and we thought it’d be appropriate to address for clients and followers. The answer is YES! We’ve done many CSD implementations over the years and consider ourselves to be experts in the field. Infor CloudSuite Distribution is a revolutionary solution that provides comprehensive, […]

Pathway to Success Series #1: Upgrades

We are holding the first of our new Pathway to Success Series this month and the topic is UPGRADES! It’s something that we know is on the mind of many of our clients and the top distribution companies around North America. Please attend the session to learn more about these various options and the pros […]

6 Things Distributors Can Measure Every Day to Improve Profitability

5 Reasons to Upgrade

Business Intelligence – or BI as it’s known in the industry – is a way for companies to make changes and track progress to improve daily business operations and long-term profitability. Business intelligence is not a data-dump; rather, it’s a comprehensive system for tracking, monitoring, and adapting to improve the overall customer experience and distribution […]

8 Books to Read to Be a Better Business Owner

Running a business requires the right mix of leadership, motivation, and organization. Fine-tuning your skills to be a great leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and self-analysis to better understand what is required of an effective business owner, manager, or team leader. Luckily, there are many professionals who’ve gone before you and took notes. […]