Distribution Industry’s Momentum for 2022

According to Modern Distribution Management (MDM) research, revenues for U.S. distributors grew 22% in 2021 to roughly $7 trillion, after decreasing more than 4% overall in 2020. MDM’s baseline forecast for 2022-2024 indicates 10% growth in 2022, 2.6% in 2023, and 3.4% in 2024. Visit the link above for a comprehensive view of the distribution industry for 2022.

Our Observations:

2021 had its fair share of challenges, with the supply chain being a big factor, along with pricing and inflation leaving distributors to get creative.

“In today’s economy, distributors are doing everything possible to continue operating effectively while realizing a profit margin. As their operating costs have increased, they’ve in turn had to increase pricing for their customers. Additionally, many are having to shop supplies based on availability instead of price point, which then leads to price increases. However, it’s a means to deliver products to customers more promptly, so it’s being done. It’s basic supply and demand economics.” – Patrick VanPutte, President & COO

Moving Forward:

As we begin to return to more of a pre-pandemic economic state, we’re celebrating the distribution industry’s momentum in 2022 by attending the TUG CONNECTS conference coming up in April in tropical Hollywood, FL. It’s likely no coincidence that “momentum” is this year’s conference theme.

As the back-to-back TUG Channel Partner of the Year award winner, we look forward to introducing the latest content and solutions for your business. Register for the event and schedule a time below for a one-on-one discovery call with an NSA team member to get a head start on your wave to success!

NSA on Your Side:

With a team of experts on call to help you any time, day or night, we’ll make sure your distribution company is set up for optimal efficiency so that you too will experience momentum in 2022. Contact us today at or (516) 240-6020 to begin your journey with us. If you’re a current industry partner or client, you already know you can contact us at any time for the support you need. Here’s to a great year!

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