women in distribution

Women in Distribution

The distribution industry has traditionally been a male-dominated sector, but the number of women working in this field has increased steadily in recent years. According to recent statistics, women constitute 43.7% of the overall workforce in the distribution industry, while men make up 56.3%. From 2010 to 2021 the percentage of women in distribution has steadily increased from approximately 40% to nearly 44%.

A 2021 survey by Gartner revealed of the 41% of women in distribution at the time, only 15% held an executive role. Yet, with more women investing their education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, expect to see more women in distribution in the future.

Research states that a lack of career opportunities is the leading reason mid-career women leave a supply chain organization. What can be done about this statistic? The answer is relatively simple: Develop plans to retain and advance women throughout their careers. An article by our CRM Partner, White Cup, titled “Transforming the Landscape for Women in Distribution” states that one way to attract and retain top female talent is by “starting initiatives encouraging conversations about advancement, career goals, and continued education—set goals for gender diversity and equal opportunities at all levels of the business. Encourage a strong network for teamwork and leverage mentors to further careers for women in distribution.”

NSA Professional Services is contributing to this trend with 50% of our NSA’s staff being female employees. Additionally, 50% of the NSA’s management is also women. Reference our “NSA Touch” page for a glance at the diversity of our employees.

A perfect example is Kathy Lundquist, VP of Professional Services, who is approaching her 25th anniversary at NSA and has been a driving force in promoting gender diversity and equality in the company. In a previous interview, she shared her thoughts on the importance of gender diversity in the distribution industry. She states, “Diversity of thought and experience is critical in driving innovation and success. At NSA, we are committed to promoting a culture of inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for all employees.”

She continued “It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about creating a culture that values and nurtures each individual’s unique talents, regardless of gender.”

No matter your gender or job role, there’s a great deal to celebrate when you’re an employee of NSA, much of which centers around our culture of “the NSA Touch” – the human element of how we improve technological processes and procedures for our clients. We offer solutions specifically designed for distributors to drive growth, and we’re honored to have many women leaders be a part of it.

In summary, NSA is committed to providing equal opportunities for women in the distribution industry. Reach out to us today at (516) 240-6020 or via our website to discover more about current employment opportunities with NSA.

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