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NSA is Now a Referral Partner of EpaCUBE

Creating Effective Pricing Strategies for Our Clients Has Never Been Easier


HICKSVILLE, NY and DALLAS, TX – September 19, 2023NSA Computer Exchange Corp (NSA) is pleased to announce that it is now a referral partner of epaCUBE, an industry-leading pricing optimization software company that makes creating an effective pricing strategy easier than ever before. This collaboration will enable NSA distribution clients to provide a suite of price optimization solutions and services designed BY distributors FOR distributors.

epaCUBE and NSA both have extensive experience serving wholesale distribution companies and a shared vision of providing best-in-class solutions for distributors that help them win in their market.

“NSA is proud to refer a proven provider like epaCUBE to our clients,” said Patrick VanPutte, NSA President & COO. “With their consultative approach to seamless ERP integrations, as well as a proven ability to help wholesale distributors implement a data-driven pricing strategy, the epaCUBE price optimization suite makes a significant impact to Distributors’ profitability.” 

“We are thrilled that NSA has selected epaCUBE to help their clients implement a pricing optimization strategy that helps them protect and grow their margins in this challenging environment. We deliver a data-based solution that provides guidance to help our distribution customers maximize their profit – even during times of economic uncertainty,” said George Dunham, epaCUBE’s Chief Executive Officer.

About NSA Computer Exchange Corp (NSA)

Since 1984, NSA Computer Exchange Corp (NSA) has been helping successful wholesale distribution businesses grow and prosper by leveraging and implementing world-class software and processes. Our mantra is simple and clear – the right product, the right process, and the right people to ensure a successful project and a long-term relationship. Having over three decades of working knowledge in inventory and warehouse management, accounting and financing, software development, eCommerce, business intelligence, networking, communications, and sales and project management, our processes have become refined beyond reproach.

About epaCUBE

epaCUBE believes in helping you get the money you are leaving on the table. We use your data to determine who is similar and what price they are willing to pay. Re-alignment with a sound pricing strategy often results in a profit increase of 2% gross profit – a significant ROI on the purchase of the software. Our customers are our priority and we’re ready to help you achieve 10x or better.

Built BY distributors FOR distributors, epaCUBE’s understanding of your challenges and our ability to offer best practices is second to none. Whether your market is growing or shrinking, making data-based decisions will help you maximize your profit. You can’t go back and capture the profit you missed out on yesterday! Contact us and discover the difference with epaCUBE.


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Patrick VanPutte

President & COO


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